Is a PFP Project in the Solana blockchain with the goal of becoming a register brand that facilitates the transition to Web 3 throughout our initiative and collaborations supported by the community, we desire to expand in every direction by means of online and physical stores
Mint Date: Second week of December
Mint Price WL: 0.6 SOL --- Mint Public: 0.9 SOL

for the mint

Legend speaks of...

The year 2042 passes and the planet is in a crisis never seen before. Diseases, excesses and chaos are the elements that reign in the world today. There is no solution to save terrestrial life, or so it seems.

However, a dog known as The King is given the task of bringing together an elite of dogs and preparing them to resist all the calamities that plague the present. He arms himself with courage and begins to run in search of his chosen ones.

Having to go through cold climates, storms and prevailing against ticks, Balarius manages to recruit another 4242 dogs for his army. He prepares them not to give up, teaches them to prevail and creates a clan called DogsNft. Do not be afraid if you find one of them in the block chain, try to get one, or several, and learn from their knowledge and eccentricities, it will be the only way to survive the apocalypse that is coming, we call it "The Big Night" . Fortune always favors the brave, do not hesitate to be part of this adventure. To be continue...

Road Map

Step 1 - The Beginning:
- Art Creation
- Web page creation
- We will start with marketing and collaborations for the growth of the community
- Pre Sale and Public Sale

Step 2 - The Great Power:
- Create a system of rewards and other utilities for our Holders
- Staking (earn tokens $DOSL)
- Airdrop (very important in the future of the collection!)
- THE BIG NIGHT - The awakening of the Dogzombies
- Pre Sale and Public Sale the Dogzombies

Step 3 - The Growth:
- Creation of a registered brand
- Opening of an online store (Merch, Accessories, etc...)
- We will enable our DAO system that will allow the Holders of our project to have voting power in all the important decisions that come to the project
- Collaboration with Top projects

*** The Road Map can always receive updates in benefits of the project and the community ***

Kinds of NFT

Common - Uncommon

Common - Uncommon

Background: 62%
Skin: 65%
Accessories: 63%
Clothing: 60%
Hats: 62%
Eyewear: 60%

TOTAL: 62%

Rare - Epic

Rare - Epic

Background: 28%
Skin: 36%
Accessories: 31%
Clothing: 30%
Hats: 35%
Eyewear: 32%

TOTAL: 32%

Legendary - Mythical

Legendary - Mythical

Background: 5%
Skin: 8%
Accessories: 6%
Clothing: 4%
Hats: 8%
Eyewear: 5%


  • DOGsNFT (Franklyn)

    Founder, your only job is to make sure everything goes well.

  • Kam

    Co-founder, more than 2 years working on NTFs projects and since 2017 in the Crypto sector.

  • Noly

    Experience in community management, marketing, with various connections and relationships in web3.

  • Bouser

    Illustrator and graphic designer. Multidisciplinary NFT artist with 6 years of experience.

  • Near

    Front-end software engineer and developer, javascript learner with 4 years of experience.